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January 26th 2018

Newsletter - January 2018

A Message From Miss Rawson

26th January 2018


2500 Stourfield Junior 069Goodness! The sun is shining as I write this letter. I had almost forgotten what it looks like. Somehow, we are already looking half term in the face and whilst I am sure we will all be pleased to see the end of the endless gloom, rain and winds of January, it seems hard to believe that we are already half way through this academic year.

Yesterday, I was part of a meeting where we discussed our PFA set up and how we might move things forward. We would very much like to re-energise and re-invigorate things as we move on through this year: our committee currently numbers three people, none of whom are current parents! We are therefore looking for one or two representatives per year group to form part of the PFA committee. The committee would meet on a four to six weekly basis, depending on the scale of events which are coming up, with Mrs Mac and a member of the senior team, to discuss the organisation of and plan for events and to look at how the funds that have been raised might be spent. They will then go away to reach out to other parents, friends and family members for any help or advice that may be required. No previous experience of these sorts of things is required, just a willingness to get involved, brainstorm ideas and rally troops. If you are interested in being involved, please drop Mrs Bartolomeo or me an email at letting us know why you think you would be wonderful (just incase we are overwhelmed with responses and need to make a decision based on a range of skills and experience!). If we could have that by half term, that would be great. We are planning to have our first new committee meeting on Wednesday, March 7th at 3.15pm in the dining room. Your children are welcome to stay while we have the meeting and we can supply things for them to do during this time.

The week before half term will be Art Week in school and the children will be working in their colour teams across the school in the afternoons to design and make kites as it is National Kite Week. The PFA are kindly sponsoring this event and covering the cost of all resources. If you would like to come in after school and look at the displays, then you are more than welcome. Below is a message from Mr Stanton. Please read it. It may prevent your child coming home covered in paint ready for half term!

As we will be having an art week (week beginning: 5th Feb), there is a high chance that children may make a mess - isn't that the point? To accommodate this, please could you send your child in with a shirt (or something appropriate), which you wouldn’t mind getting 'arty'. Equally, if you have a surplus amount of 'art-worthy' shirts, which you no longer need, we would be so thankful if you could donate then for our arty needs.

Secondly, one of the activities that the children will be partaking in requires the use of cuttings from magazines, newspapers and old books - again, if this is something you no longer need, please could you send these in for this week?

Many thanks,

Mr Stanton



Friday, February 9th is an INSET day. There will be no school for pupils on this day.



Half term Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February.


Other News

In past years, we have run a school shop once a week at lunchtime. Items such as pencils, rulers, handwriting pens, plastic wallets etc are sold and any profit is re-invested in stock. The Pupil Leadership Team will be starting this venture up again on Wednesday lunchtimes after half term. They will shortly be sending a letter home to you with further details of what is on sale and a price list.

It has been brought to my attention that some children in school are suffering with head lice. Please can I ask that you check your children regularly and treat if necessary.


Download a PDF copy of the January 2018 Newsletter here.
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Apr 27th 2018

Newsletter - April 2018

A Message From Miss Rawson 27th April 2018 Welcome back to the last term of this academic year and one that is traditionally extremely busy! My main reason for sending this letter home is to let you have advance notice of the events, which will be happening this term. For those happening this half term, there is more detail here. For those happening after half term, further details will follow closer to the time. However, there are also a few other things that I would like to mention to you.   Safety of your child online I know that I keep writing to you about this subject but I do need to remind you again about checking that your child is safe when they are online. Just this morning, we have received a phone call from a parent alerting us to the fact that her daughter has received inappropriate messages and requests from an older boy through Instagram. We know that some of our children have Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles even though the permitted minimum age to use these sites is 13 years old, according to their terms and conditions. We are dealing with an increasing number of issues related to the online behaviour of pupils at weekends and in the evenings and, as we are committed to keeping our pupils safe and to promoting the safe, responsible use of the Internet, we feel it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a concern. Age restrictions for social media websites are as follows: Age limit 13: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Youtube, Wechat,, Keek, Kik, Foursquare, Flickr Age limit 14: LinkedIn Age limit 16: Whatsapp ( from May 2018) There are risks of underage use of such sites and you must make an informed decision as to whether to allow your child to have a profile or not at the moment. Whilst we have a duty to all pupils in our school, it is not the school’s responsibility to manage their behaviour or deal any events or issues that occur out of school as a result of social media interaction. To be blunt, that is your responsibility. We will endeavour to deal with the consequences of out-of-school behaviour when it affects pupils in school and will not hesitate to work with the police/Safer Schools Community Team. We also work proactively to promote safe online behaviour, help pupils identify and avoid risky or negative behaviours online and encourage them to use social media responsibly as part of our PSHE curriculum. Please support us, so that we are able to spend our time focussed on teaching and learning, by regularly checking what your child is doing online both on their laptops or tablet and on their phones.   Fun Run Our postponed Fun Run will take place on the morning of Friday, May 18th. The children can now choose whether they would like to dress-up with the original theme of “Fancy Pants” or ‘Red, White and Blue’/Crowns, in celebration of the Royal Wedding that weekend! Any donations that are brought in on that day will be divided between two local charities. The first is the Amelia Grace Rainbow Foundation. Amelia’s Rainbow supports children in Dorset and the surrounding area who are suffering from terminal, life-limiting and serious chronic illnesses. You can find more information about this here: The second charity is Marathons for the Mind which supports the work of mental health charities Mind and Livability and which has been set up by Peter Thompson, a local marathon runner. Some of you may remember that he came into school last year to talk to the children about the challenge he had set himself in running 44 marathons across Europe in 44 days and we were able to track his progress via his website. He is coming back to school to talk to the children on April 30th about his latest challenge: setting off with a seven week head start on the riders of the Tour de France, he will attempt to run the entire 2069 mile route of the 2018 Tour de France and make it to the finish line before them. This will involve running an ultra-marathon every day for 70 days and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest over three times. Makes my Chester half marathon next weekend seem like a jog round the park! You can find out more information about his challenge here: We are always overwhelmed by the generosity of our school community when we do fundraising for charity and hope that you will agree that these are worthwhile causes.   Art Week The week before half term will be our postponed Art Week in school and the children will be working in their colour teams across the school in the afternoons on projects to do with the theme of Flight. The PFA are kindly sponsoring this event and covering the cost of all resources. If you would like to come in after school and look at the displays, then you are more than welcome to do so after school during the week beginning June 11th as part of the whole MAT Arts week. Further details of this will come home in due course. Please could you send your child in with a shirt (or something appropriate), which you wouldn’t mind getting 'arty' and which will prevent them coming home for half term covered in paint. Equally, if you have a surplus amount of 'art-worthy' shirts, which you no longer need, we would be grateful if you could donate them to us. One of the activities requires the use of cuttings from magazines, newspapers and old books - again, any donations of this type would be gratefully received.   Bushcraft – Parent Volunteer needed Organisation of the Year 6 residential is well underway but the team are still in need of one more adult volunteer to help out on this trip. If you are interesting in finding out more, please contact Mrs Bootle through the school office team or email   Reminders We are aware that Ramadan will be taking place between May 16th and June 14th. If your child will be taking part in fasting, please can you contact the school office so that we can get a letter to you for written parental consent.   Dates APRIL   26th Whole School Disco MAY   7th Bank Holiday Monday 14th- 17th inclusive SATs week for Year 6 pupils 18th Fun Run (postponed from end of Spring Term) 21st -25th Art Week 26th Last Choir Standing competition (parents invited towards end of school day – details TBC) HALF TERM Monday, May 28th – Friday, June 1st JUNE   8th Stourfield Steam – Details to follow 13th Staffing and Pupil Welfare Committee 21st Resources Committee meeting 1830 JULY   w/c July 2nd  Y6 production. Details will be sent to Y6 parents from Y6 team shortly. 4h Secondary school transfer day 6th Winning House mufti day 9th Y6 to Bushcraft all week 16th Internal transfer afternoon 17th Internal transfer morning 18th Leavers service – St. Christopher’s Church 1900 19th  Sports Day. Lower School – 0900-1130 Upper School -1230- 1500 20th End of Term Service at St Christopher’s 0930 (pupils only) School closed for the summer at 1215   Other news ... I am pleased to say that the Pupil Leadership Team will be opening the school stationery shop from next Wednesday, April 25th. A letter from them has come to you under separate cover.     Download a PDF copy of the April 2018 Newsletter here.