Safeguarding and Child Protection 
The school works in partnership with parents to support children in every way possible. However, the ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ document of 2010 places a clear responsibility on schools to ensure they work together with other agencies to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children.

Any concerns are normally discussed with parents and, if appropriate, and with ttheir agreement, a referral to Children’s Social Care (CSC) may be made. However, if such discussion and permission-seeking may place a child at risk of significant harm, then the school may contact CSC without first contacting the parents. This is in line with Government guidelines.

The designated members of staff Safeguarding and Child Protection in school are the Headteacher and Pupil Welfare Manager.

Listening Service for Children
The Listening Service is a confidential counselling service offered to all children at Stourfield Junior School. Children can be referred to The Listening Service by their parents and any member of staff at the school. Children attending The Listening Service will need written consent from their parents/carers.

Further details of this service are available from our Pupil Welfare Manager.