The homework policy and guidelines which Stourfield Junior School have adopted draw upon what is recognised as good practice. As such, we have taken into account examples of good practice in other schools and the views of parents and staff in putting together the policy.

Homework is seen as activity that a pupil is asked to do outside the lesson time either on their own, or with a parent or carer and should run alongside other after school activities. The school’s homework practice will support the work carried out by the children in the classroom. It is intended that this approach will both inform parents of the curriculum coverage as well as giving them an opportunity to be actively involved in their children’s education. Homework should be provided as part of the regular programme and therefore it should be understood by the pupils and parents that this is part of the normal school routine. There is a high expectation on the part of the staff that pupils complete homework tasks set. Homework is not optional. There is also an expectation that parents will support them in the management of the homework guidelines.

Recommended time guidelines are as follows:

YEAR THREE Up to 1 hour per week
YEAR FOUR Up to 1 hour, 30 minutes per week
YEAR FIVE Up to 2 hours per week
YEAR SIX Up to 2 hours, 30 minutes per week

The times are only a guide. Parents should stop their child if they feel they are spending too much time on a particular task or a task is causing particular difficulty and write a note to that effect in the book next to the task. Homework is set on a Wednesday and should be completed by the the following Monday.

There are three parts to the homework:-

English -  this happens on a two-weekly cycle.  In week one, children will receive Big Talk homework and an additional task that will allow them to practise the skills taught in class.  In week two, children will receive a spelling task and an additional task.  Some of the tasks will be paper based and some will be completed online at www.studyladder.co.uk

Maths - this happens on a weekly basis.  The children will be given a task, either paper based or online at www.mymaths.co.uk to consolidate the work being studied at school.

IPC - Each half term there is a home learning project linked to the IPC unit being studied.  This compliments the work being done in school and is intended to be an activity that families can share.
If your child is unable to access the online homework at home, there is provision in school at lunchtime to complete this work.


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