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September 8th 2017

Newsletter - September 2017

A Message From Miss Rawson
8th September 2017
2500 Stourfield Junior 069
Well, the summer holidays seem like a very distant memory and that must mean that school is well and truly underway. A really big welcome to all of you who are new to us; we hope you are now feeling like part of the Stourfield Junior community. We are also pleased to welcome to our staff team:
  • Mr Cooper (6MC)
  • Mrs Coulling (6HC)
  • Miss Martin (5NM)
  • Miss Burden (4PT)
  • Mr Tibbins (4MRT)
Staff and how to get hold of us!
You will already know who your child’s class teacher is and there will be an opportunity for you to meet them to discuss your child’s progress so far just before half term. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, then your first port of call should be your child’s class teacher. If you feel that your query has not been resolved, then please get in touch with: 
  • Mr March – Senior Leader, Lower School
  • Mr Taylor – Assistant Headteacher, Lower School
  • Mrs Scarratt – Senior Leader, Upper School
  • Mrs Bootle – Assistant Headteacher, Upper School
Mrs Bartolomeo (Deputy Headteacher) and I are usually available on the playground before and after school or by appointment through the school office. You will also find members of each year group on the doors at the beginning and the end of school, if you have any general queries or wish to pass on a message. If you do wish to make contact with your child’s class teacher, then please ring or stop by the school office so that we can find a good time for this to happen. Alternatively, you can email them on You can also contact the senior team on 
Finding out what’s going on
Letters: We do almost all our communication now electronically. Occasionally, if we need paper reply slips, you may get a letter in this form but usually it will be emailed to you. If you do need a paper copy of any letter, then please ask at the school office. All of our letters are also on our school website.
To get emails and texts from school, you must register for Parent Pay. You do not have to use it for payments, if you do not wish to do so – but unless you actually register, we cannot contact you electronically or by text. If you do not have a login, please see Mrs Lakin in the school office. Please note that once you have registered for ParentPay, you will be sent a verification text. You must verify the text to make your account active.
Website: Our website is usually the best source of information and is updated regularly with letters and information. We are in the process of transferring all the information on our current website over to a new one, now we are part of Twynham Learning. We are very excited about our new look and hope that you will find it easy to navigate once it goes live in a couple of weeks’ time.  With this in mind, please could I ask you to contact the school office if you DO NOT wish your child’s photograph to appear on our website or any other school related social media site. Please do this even if you have let us know in previous years so that we can double check and ensure that all staff are aware.
Social media: We try to alert you to the presence of new letters and information through Twitter and our Facebook page. You can find these at:
  • Facebook: Search for Stourfield Junior School. This will lead you to our official page. Please “like” and then you will be alerted to any new posts. Please note that you will not be able to comment or add anything to the Facebook page, neither will you be visible.  It is for information only and can only be added to from school.
  • Twitter: Please follow our Twitter feed at @stourfield
Texts: We will continue to text you with last minute reminders and updates when necessary. These texts will only go to the first named contact on our system and relies on you updating Parent Pay with new mobile telephone numbers!
Marvellous Me: Our new pupils should have now received their logins for Marvellous Me, which allows our staff to send you messages via an app on your phone about what your child or your child’s class have been doing during the day or to send you reminders. If you have no idea what I am writing about or if you have lost your login, please see Mrs Lakin in the school office.
We try our hardest to make sure you know what you need to know and do our very best to keep you updated in a timely fashion. However, it does rely on you reading the communication we send out and making sure that all your contact details are up to date. For those of you who complained that you did not know about the Roman Entry Point Day that is happening today, the letter went home on July 21st, so that you had plenty of notice!
Some of you have requested some clarification about what is and is not allowed in lunchboxes. We have several children in school who are highly allergic to nuts and so ask that you avoid any foods, which contain nuts such as peanut butter, some cereal and granola bars, nut snack packs etc. There is a bit of a grey area now as most manufacturers put “may contain traces of nuts” on their packaging to cover themselves. I would ask you therefore to use a bit of common sense in what is judged as a risk to children with allergies. If you can see nuts, whole, chopped or crushed in the foodstuff, then please do not send it in. We also have children in school who are allergic to Kiwi fruit and these also should be avoided. 
In addition, as we are a healthy school, we ask you not to pack chocolate bars, which are mostly chocolate rather than a chocolate covered biscuit. For example: Mars Bars, Snickers, Dairy Milk chocolate bars are not permitted; Kit Kats, Club biscuits, Hobnobs are permitted.
Medical needs and medicines
We are in the process of updating our medical information about children which we take from admissions form as children join school. If you think there is information about medical needs, allergies or medication that we may not have or which might need updating, please speak to Mrs Lakin in the school office.
If your child needs an inhaler, please make sure that we have one that we can keep in the medical room which is “in date.”
If your child has to take prescribed medicine four times a day, please speak to the ladies in the office who will give you the correct forms to fill in. We do not administer medicine which is less than four times a day as this can be comfortably done outside school hours.
If your child requires medication that is not prescribed, then unfortunately we are unable to administer it.  You are, however, welcome to return to school during the day to administer yourself.
It is not appropriate for children to keep any medicine in their school bags and to self-administer.
You will need to fill in a form for any medication, which your child may need to take, or which needs to be stored in the medical room, Please ask at the school office.
Please, please can you remind your children not to “scoot” across our playground. There are just too many people (many of them quite small) for it to be done safely. Could we also politely point out that this also applies to infant school children, toddlers and adults!
A copy of our school dress code is on the end of this letter. Please can we draw your attention in particular to what is written relating to hair, jewellery and nail varnish. Ties and white shirts are not part of the junior school uniform.
If you have moved house or changed your mobile phone number during the summer, please make sure that you let Mrs Mellor or Mrs Lakin know so we have an up to date record on the school system. This is also important with regard to emergency contact numbers, if we need to be able to get hold of someone straight away.
There is a 48 hour rule for any bout of sickness or diarrhoea unless you have medical evidence that it is not a bug.
If you have any concerns relating to the welfare of a child, the designated safeguarding leads for the school are Mrs Changchao and Miss Rawson.
A list of dates for your diary for this term will be sent out to you next week.
Other news …  Mrs Dixon will return from maternity leave on September 20th and take her role as SENCo on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Boyne will continue in the role on a Monday and a Tuesday. You can contact either of them on
Dress and Appearance Code
Wearing uniform encourages children to feel that they belong. The uniform at Stourfield Junior is simple, smart, practical and inexpensive. If you have trouble in affording items of uniform, please call at the school office as we may be able to help you. We no longer stock school uniform in school but it is all available from Stevensons in Southbourne.
Our uniform is:
  • Grey trousers / grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • Pale blue polo shirt*
  • Blue sweatshirt (with logo) or royal blue pullover
  • White, grey or navy socks/tights
  • Black or brown, low heeled shoes, with laces or straps (no trainers please)
Open-toed sandals may be worn but socks must be worn with all footwear. Boots may be warn in winter months but must be plain, black and low heeled. Ugg-type boots, coloured and patterned tights and over-the-knee/thigh-length socks are not permitted. High heels and trainers (except for games) are not considered suitable for school.
PE Kit:
  • Team colour ‘T’ shirt*
  • Royal blue shorts*
  • Blue fleece*(optional)
  • Trainers or plimsolls (summer)
  • Dark coloured, plain tracksuit bottoms or sports leggings may be worn cold weather
*with school logo and available from Stevensons
An apron or old shirt would be useful at times when your child is being creative! 
Jewellery and make-up: with both health & safety and security in mind, we prefer children not to wear jewellery to school. However, should you wish, children are permitted to wear a watch and simple, small stud earrings. Children arriving in school with other items of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and rings will be asked to remove them. Piercing to any other part of the body, such as the nose, eyebrow or belly-button is not considered suitable for school and therefore jewellery in these parts of the body must not be worn.
The following safety advice applies to Physical Education lessons: All jewellery must be removed for P.E./swimming and remains the responsibility of the child. There may be some occasions where an item of jewellery cannot be removed – for example, when ears have just been pierced. If this is the case, tape should be provided by you to put over the stud, so that any accidental knock to that part of the body does not result in the pin of the stud penetrating the skin below and behind the ear. We would also ask that you ensure that children can remove any jewellery independently of the teacher.
Make-up is not considered appropriate for school and this includes nail varnish. Children wearing either make up or nail varnish will be given removal wipes so that it can be taken off.
Hair-style requests: Pupils should avoid extremes of hairstyles and hair should be grade 2 or above in length and not have patterns or ridges shaved into it. Children are expected to retain their natural hair colour. Hair braids and extensions are NOT permitted. If fitted during a holiday period, the braids should be removed before the beginning of the new term. Hair accessories should be simple. Shoulder length and longer hair must be tied back at all times in the interests of health and safety and to stop the spread of head lice. This applies to both girls and boys.
Download a PDF copy of the September 2017 Newsletter here.
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Apr 27th 2018

Newsletter - April 2018

A Message From Miss Rawson 27th April 2018 Welcome back to the last term of this academic year and one that is traditionally extremely busy! My main reason for sending this letter home is to let you have advance notice of the events, which will be happening this term. For those happening this half term, there is more detail here. For those happening after half term, further details will follow closer to the time. However, there are also a few other things that I would like to mention to you.   Safety of your child online I know that I keep writing to you about this subject but I do need to remind you again about checking that your child is safe when they are online. Just this morning, we have received a phone call from a parent alerting us to the fact that her daughter has received inappropriate messages and requests from an older boy through Instagram. We know that some of our children have Facebook, Instagram, and other social media profiles even though the permitted minimum age to use these sites is 13 years old, according to their terms and conditions. We are dealing with an increasing number of issues related to the online behaviour of pupils at weekends and in the evenings and, as we are committed to keeping our pupils safe and to promoting the safe, responsible use of the Internet, we feel it is our responsibility to raise this particular issue as a concern. Age restrictions for social media websites are as follows: Age limit 13: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Youtube, Wechat,, Keek, Kik, Foursquare, Flickr Age limit 14: LinkedIn Age limit 16: Whatsapp ( from May 2018) There are risks of underage use of such sites and you must make an informed decision as to whether to allow your child to have a profile or not at the moment. Whilst we have a duty to all pupils in our school, it is not the school’s responsibility to manage their behaviour or deal any events or issues that occur out of school as a result of social media interaction. To be blunt, that is your responsibility. We will endeavour to deal with the consequences of out-of-school behaviour when it affects pupils in school and will not hesitate to work with the police/Safer Schools Community Team. We also work proactively to promote safe online behaviour, help pupils identify and avoid risky or negative behaviours online and encourage them to use social media responsibly as part of our PSHE curriculum. Please support us, so that we are able to spend our time focussed on teaching and learning, by regularly checking what your child is doing online both on their laptops or tablet and on their phones.   Fun Run Our postponed Fun Run will take place on the morning of Friday, May 18th. The children can now choose whether they would like to dress-up with the original theme of “Fancy Pants” or ‘Red, White and Blue’/Crowns, in celebration of the Royal Wedding that weekend! Any donations that are brought in on that day will be divided between two local charities. The first is the Amelia Grace Rainbow Foundation. Amelia’s Rainbow supports children in Dorset and the surrounding area who are suffering from terminal, life-limiting and serious chronic illnesses. You can find more information about this here: The second charity is Marathons for the Mind which supports the work of mental health charities Mind and Livability and which has been set up by Peter Thompson, a local marathon runner. Some of you may remember that he came into school last year to talk to the children about the challenge he had set himself in running 44 marathons across Europe in 44 days and we were able to track his progress via his website. He is coming back to school to talk to the children on April 30th about his latest challenge: setting off with a seven week head start on the riders of the Tour de France, he will attempt to run the entire 2069 mile route of the 2018 Tour de France and make it to the finish line before them. This will involve running an ultra-marathon every day for 70 days and climbing the equivalent of Mount Everest over three times. Makes my Chester half marathon next weekend seem like a jog round the park! You can find out more information about his challenge here: We are always overwhelmed by the generosity of our school community when we do fundraising for charity and hope that you will agree that these are worthwhile causes.   Art Week The week before half term will be our postponed Art Week in school and the children will be working in their colour teams across the school in the afternoons on projects to do with the theme of Flight. The PFA are kindly sponsoring this event and covering the cost of all resources. If you would like to come in after school and look at the displays, then you are more than welcome to do so after school during the week beginning June 11th as part of the whole MAT Arts week. Further details of this will come home in due course. Please could you send your child in with a shirt (or something appropriate), which you wouldn’t mind getting 'arty' and which will prevent them coming home for half term covered in paint. Equally, if you have a surplus amount of 'art-worthy' shirts, which you no longer need, we would be grateful if you could donate them to us. One of the activities requires the use of cuttings from magazines, newspapers and old books - again, any donations of this type would be gratefully received.   Bushcraft – Parent Volunteer needed Organisation of the Year 6 residential is well underway but the team are still in need of one more adult volunteer to help out on this trip. If you are interesting in finding out more, please contact Mrs Bootle through the school office team or email   Reminders We are aware that Ramadan will be taking place between May 16th and June 14th. If your child will be taking part in fasting, please can you contact the school office so that we can get a letter to you for written parental consent.   Dates APRIL   26th Whole School Disco MAY   7th Bank Holiday Monday 14th- 17th inclusive SATs week for Year 6 pupils 18th Fun Run (postponed from end of Spring Term) 21st -25th Art Week 26th Last Choir Standing competition (parents invited towards end of school day – details TBC) HALF TERM Monday, May 28th – Friday, June 1st JUNE   8th Stourfield Steam – Details to follow 13th Staffing and Pupil Welfare Committee 21st Resources Committee meeting 1830 JULY   w/c July 2nd  Y6 production. Details will be sent to Y6 parents from Y6 team shortly. 4h Secondary school transfer day 6th Winning House mufti day 9th Y6 to Bushcraft all week 16th Internal transfer afternoon 17th Internal transfer morning 18th Leavers service – St. Christopher’s Church 1900 19th  Sports Day. Lower School – 0900-1130 Upper School -1230- 1500 20th End of Term Service at St Christopher’s 0930 (pupils only) School closed for the summer at 1215   Other news ... I am pleased to say that the Pupil Leadership Team will be opening the school stationery shop from next Wednesday, April 25th. A letter from them has come to you under separate cover.     Download a PDF copy of the April 2018 Newsletter here.