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We work in Maths sets in both lower and upper 2500 Stourfield Junior 056school to enable children to work with peers of a similar ability, so that learning can be precisely targeted and the children’s individual needs can be met.


We like to make our Maths lessons as interactive as possible, so we have a range of technologies that we incorporate into our teaching such as the interactive whiteboards, laptops, cameras and tablets.

Cross-curricular Links

We understand the importance of using and applying skills within Maths and therefore try to seize opportunities within our International Primary Curriculum (IPC) to extend the children’s learning further through using Maths linked to the topics they are covering.

What does your child learn in Maths?

Throughout the year, we cover a range of different areas of Maths:

  1. Number System - looking at place value, ordering, rounding properties of number.
  2. Calculation - We have clear progression of the calculation strategies used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  3. Measures - using and understanding a range of units of measurement
  4. Shape and Space - properties of 2d and 3d shapes, angles, area and perimeter
  5. Data Handling - producing and interpreting a range of graphs, bar charts etc.
  6. Money and Time
  7. Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Big Maths

We have introduced Big Maths within our school which is based upon the principle that there are 4 core skills that lie at the heart of Maths. These core skills form the platform for virtually all other maths skills and are known as CLIC:

It's nothing new

As it is so important for all children to make progress in all 4 core skills, 'Big Maths' involves teaching through the CLIC phases every day in a fun, engaging and lively manner. Each child has a set of number facts (addition or times tables) which they need to learn.